Special Races for V6
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Special Races for V6

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If you have a character that is not one of the base rulebook races please send the following information to carpsgame@gmail.com and we will send an acknowledgement within a few days that we have gotten your information.

1) How did you receive this race? (did you retire a character, did you pay Character points for it, did you simply ask and staff said sure, did you earn it through a plot, etc)

2) What accesses does your race have in the V5 rules?

3) Does your race inherently have any merits/flaws, if so what are they?

4) What is the basic concept behind the race, and/or any information that you have about the race you are playing?

5) What are your make-up/costume requirements?

6) Are you a race of your own, or are you a sub-race of one of the base races (LoreCrafter dwarves for example)?

7) Are you able to play your character as one of the base races if we dont have specific race rules written for you at the start of V6, or do you have another character that you can play? (I.E. Would you be forced to make a new character in order to play if we dont have your race written up at the start of V6).

Thank you,
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