On my absence...
The Mage's guild tower within the town of Midway. Internal Access is restricted to official members of the mages guild. Knock and politely request entrance, or face the consequences.
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On my absence...

Post by Wrexton »

Good morning...or afternoon...or evening. Good whatever time it is you're reading this.

I will be traveling to WindCrest for the duration of 9th Moon, returning as soon as I can 10th Moon. Well, perhaps sooner. I guess that depends on...a few factors. If it truly is a city of heroes, I am hoping that also means heroic patience is one of their virtues. I digress...

Raedir is, of course, second and therefore the authority while I'm away. Guild dues will be collected by him, and all matters in need of attention can be brought to him.

On the topic of guild dues, there were a couple members who did not participate last moon. Dues are being implemented for the betterment of the entire guild, not for any personal enrichment of members. Please, if in doubt, see Raedir or myself upon my return.

Stay safe.

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Re: On my absence...

Post by Anya »

Anya reads over the announcement and then pulls out a spare piece of parchment and posts next to his, "Anya has pre-paid for the rest of the year on her Guild dues."
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