Welcome New Players! Request permission to post HERE!
A Forum for new players to ask questions about CARPS. (and of course welcome to all of our Hungarian spammers!)

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Welcome New Players! Request permission to post HERE!

Post by Kathryn Skress »

Welcome to the CARPS forums! Now that you are here, please do the following to gain access to the rest of the forums.

1. Click on "User Control Panel" in the upper right hand corner of your screen.
2. Click on "User Groups" under "Options" on the left hand side of your screen.
3. Find the "Approved to Post" group, and put a dot in it on the right hand side.
4. Scroll down, ensure the drop-down at the bottom says "Join Selected" and then click submit.
5. Post into this thread that you have requested permission to join. Please be somewhat non-generic in your post so we know you are not a robot.

We will approve you to post as soon as we can. This process *usually* happens in less than a day, but may take several hours or even a full day, especially if it is a holiday or weekend, and especially because we are humans and have lives outside of this forum. Please be patient and don't SPAM multiple requests unless more than a day has passed! Thanks!

NOTE: We are spammed by SPAMbots on a continuous basis. We delete all names that have only zero or one post to their credit. Once you receive your approval, you will have 1 post. Please post again ASAP in order not to be deleted with the SPAMbots.
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Re: Welcome New Players! Request permission to post HERE!

Post by crititandquitit »

Hello, New prospective player here that is excited to see everyone on saturday! Figured I would request to join the forum as well.
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