Crafting logistics playtest
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Crafting logistics playtest

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We would like to start playtesting a new production tag system. The intent of this is to try and make it easier for crafters to craft and take production members less time between events. This playtest will be in effect for June and July, a brief discussion of how it went will take place at the August 1-day and if all goes well we hope to implement it as an official change at the Sept event.

Crafters are no longer required to fill out crafting tags.

Crafters are still expected to spend the required amount of time doing their IG crafting and it is suggested they keep a simple list of what they crafted.

Crafters will submit an email to the production team within 1 week after the end of the event detailing what they crafted and any supplies used.

The production team will enter the items crafted into the online database, print off tags, and maintain a list of what each crafter owes when they check in to collect their tags.

At check in, the crafter will bring any required materials (uncut gems, components, etc etc) with them when they visit the production table. The production team will collect the items and issue your tags to you.

In the event that you craft something for another player and they want access to it immediately:

Crafter will fill out a crafting tag (just like now).

Get the tag authorized by a production authorizer.

Give the Tag and any materials expended to the individual.

That individual is responsible for emailing the production team within 1 week after the event letting them know what item was crafted, which crafter crafted it, and any materials that are owed for it.

The production team may follow up with the crafter of the item in the event of a discrepancy or questions about the item.

The player with the temp tag and materials will collect the perm tag from the production team at check-in per the above, but also needing to hand in the temp tag.

Please let me know if there are any questions or concerns.
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