Playing multiple characters playtest
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Playing multiple characters playtest

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1. If you wish to play multiple characters, you must pre-reg each of them.
2. Upon pre-reg, logistics will seperately prepare each characters pre-reg in seperate bags inside the player envelope.
3. Upon check in, you will handle any/all check in skills for each character and items/tags/reps etc will be placed into each characters bag and returned to the envelope (minus whichever one is being played first).
4. Bags for alternate characters are sent to npc camp after check in.
5. At repop a pc may go to npc camp, get permission from the GM to change characters and collect that pcs bag of stuff, which should include a slip indicating how upkeep is being handled and npc camp will take care of that. This may involve a pc needing to wait till npc camp is available.
6. Upon completing alt character check in, they go change costume etc and play moves forward for them.
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