Playtests for 2018
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Playtests for 2018

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Going to try and keep these all in one post for simplicity. If other come up they will be added here. If you have questions please post them in the rules feedback forum, or on facebook.

The following playtest is in effect until further notice:

Batch Crafting.

Players who currently have a crafting skill from the base rulebook may choose to participate in the playtest but must inform logistics when checking in that they will be participating. The following rules/conditions apply:

1) “Batches” may be purchased from the production team when you check in.

2) A batch is automatically an amount of PP for a specific skill that you possess equal in PP value to what your base skill provides you (5pp/level of the skill).

3) A Batch has a starting cost of X pemb per PP (X may vary as we test this out, and as a reflection of IG economy. It may also vary by skill.). Each additional Batch purchased for that crafting skill will increase the cost by 1pemb per PP. Example: If you buy a batch of alchemy and the starting cost is 3pemb per PP, your second batch of alchemy will cost you 4pemb per PP, your third batch will cost you 5 pemb per pp, etc etc.

4) You may only purchase up to 5 batches per skill.

5) Batches are flat production points, they may be labbed if you have lab available, they take the same time to use as normal production, etc etc.

6) Batches expire at the end of the event in which they were purchased if they are not used.

7) Batches may be used at any time throughout the event and may be split up between repops.

8) You may not buy Partial batches

9) A batch is only usable by the individual who purchases it.

10) Batches are only available for the crafting skills in the base rulebook.
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