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Coordination Playtest

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For the rest of the year (2017) the following play test is in effect.

Players who currently have the COORDINATION skill may choose to participate in the playtest but must inform logistics when checking in that they will be participating. The following rules/conditions apply:

1) Post event (within a week please), anyone utilizing the playtest must submit feedback that includes the following:
a. General thoughts on the skill (Likes, Dislikes)
b. Any magic items that were adjusted for the playtest, what exactly they did, and the result of having them for that month.
2) Players utilizing this playtest forfeit all normal coordination skills/abilities. They may not access any aspect of the standard coordination skill, for all intents and purposes it is replaced with the below skill set.
3) Players utilizing this playtest are automatically considered to have the same level of coordination skill that they currently have in coordination, as well as the same 1-shots (Expert 1-shot = expert 1-shot. Master 1-shot = Master 1-shot, etc)
4) Any magic items that provide additional uses of the skill will continue to do so. All other magic items that may be affected by this playtest must be evaluated on a case by case basis with the GM each event.

Coordination – You may expend a use of this skill to create a “battle unit” consisting of yourself and up to three other willing individuals for a combat/scene. Everyone in your unit gains +2 weapon damage, provided they stay with weapons reach of each other at all times. This bonus damage occupies a general buff slot and does not apply to Cursh/Vorpal damage.

Inspire unit (Expert 1-shot) – After forming a unit you may lead the unit by having all members of the unit perform a 10 count together, expend an additional use of Coordination, and each member of the unit gains the ability to make a single attack for double damage per the basic Rage skill in a coordination buff slot. (The coordination buff slot can only hold buffs granted from the coordination skill, and is only in affect while the “battle unit” is active.)
Example: Wesley forms a Battle Unit with himself, Tarrack, Tal’kar, and Gekek. He then gathers them together for a quick battle plan. Ten seconds later they charge the enemy lines with additional rage

Co-ordinated inspiration (Master 1-shot) – You may now use your inspire unit ability to increase the weapon damage bonus by +1 (stacked into the same buff slot) or to grant a single use of one of the following skills (all members of the unit gain the same buff):
• Slay
• Rage
• Knockback
• Backstab

Fight as one (Grand Master 1-shot) – When you activate your inspire unit ability any member of the unit may now expend 2 uses of an offensive weapon skill (from the base rulebook) that they possess and grant 1 use of that skill to each member of the unit.
Example: Wesley once again forms a battle unit with himself, Tarrack, Tal’Kar, and Gekek (spends 1 use of Coordination). The four of them group up and Wesley explains how they need to work as a unit and take down the enemy leader quickly. Tarrack volunteers his knowledge of the deathblow skill to the group (expending 2 uses of the skill) and at the end of the ten seconds all four members of the group have 1 use of death blow in their Coordination buff slot.
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