Change for 6.2.1
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Change for 6.2.1

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Just a few minor changes and some clarifications.

Enchanting recipes under smithing updated to be a cumulative cost (so they match spell weaving costs now)
Fix wording under Gem Crafting and Smithing about only one gem of that color in an item
Fix the modify enchantment example to match up with the new numbers
Added a GM description before Marshal description, what is a GM and clearly define what that they have FINAL say
Moved NPC description to follow Marshal description
Counted Actions changed to clarify that you cannot do other things (including walking) while making a counted action.
Burrowing in Chapter 7 changed to match the 10 count in elementalism
Lore is no longer able to be used to increase itself
Updated elementalism powers so they correctly reflect that you deal your elements damage. Ex (Earth elementals deal Earth Crush or Earth Smash instead of just Crush or Smash, Air Elementals deal Vorpal Air and Air Assassinate instead of just Vorpal/Assassinate, Fire deals Fiery Eviscerate instead of just Eviscerate).

Let me know if their are any questions!

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