Official Changes in v6.20
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Official Changes in v6.20

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Welcome to 6.2 there have been a lot of changes made, most of them small clarifications but many larger ones as well so PLEASE read through the list below to see what has changed.
• Added the following to the Golden Rule: Equally important is: “Just because it doesn’t say you can’t does not mean you can.” This rulebook can not cover every given situation. When in doubt ask a GM.
• Ritual Casters refer to sticks as Components while Crafters refer to them as Materials
• Added Brownie Points and Path Experience (PXP) to the Glossary
• Changed Ritual Marshal to Magic Marshal
• Removed Collectors from the Influence Ring (This has no impact on Mandalore as a house, they just folded their “army” into the house)
• Changed Spell Packet & Packet Arrow size to 6”x6”
• Clarified that Life Points at 0 = unconscious and any healing, bringing the PC to positive Life Points, awakens the PC
• Clarified that the Hop skill requires expenditures of both Blink and Hide while the Entrance skill requires expenditures of both Pass Wall and Hide
• Changed Phase to require Master Sidestep & Master Dodge
• Changed Riposte to require Master Block & Master Parry
• Changed Resist Effect to require Master Resist Pain & Master Resist Damage
• Changed Reflect Magic to require Master Resist Elements & Master Resist Magic
• Added the following to Phase Out under Phase:
Phased out does not negate multiple defense-required attacks like Assassinate unless you were already Phased-Out when they hit. For example, if you are hit with an Assassinate and call, “Phase” you would still need to call two other defense. If you call, “Double Dodge Dare, Phase” you would avoid the Assassinate and be safe from any other attacks for five seconds..
• Changed Side step to read:
Once per level of this skill when hit by a numerical effect you may declare, “Sidestep” and half all numbers in the attack call (rounded down). This skill may be used twice to reduce the effect to 0. You may not use this skill if your movement is impaired in any way. This skill may not be used on Point or Area if Effect delivered effects.
• Changed example under Bash to Blunt vs. Edge
• Added clarification to the Disarm one shots.
• Added the following to Body Weaponry under Elementalism: Body Weapons do NOT count as claws.
• Changed the Stun skill to read like the call and removed (one second/point of the Stun) from the description.
• Changed BP usage to read as follows: BP usage (per month) (You can only buy personal CP or PXP for missed months):
• Added the following change to both Shifting Image spell and Stone Skin spell to read: A caster may only have one Shifting Image or one Stone Skin spell active at a time.
• Add the following under crafting: Crafting Tag When filling out crafting tags you MUST write legibly. If your tag can not be read and understood by the GM staff you will not get exactly what you crafted and most likely will get anything at all.
• Added the following line to number 3 under skill store items: You can not benefit from the skill when storing it
• Changed number 4 under skill store items to read: You may not Skill Store PP skills, skills without uses or skills with constant effects;
• Removed the requirements for an Expert Magic skill from the Scroll Making description.
• Made adjustments to the chart in Chapter 8 fixing spears, pole arms, great weapons and heavy (great) crossbow information.
• Adjusted the following to First Aid: Other questions that can be asked to determine status through the skill include “Are you bleeding to death?”, “Are you dead?”, “Are you poisoned/suffering from toxins?”, “Are you diseased?” and “Are you tainted?”
• Did the following change to G.M. Earth Elementalism:
Grand Master Earth Elementalism (Grand Master one-shot, Requires Elemental Form & Master Earth Elementalism) – You gain an additional +2 AC and +20 Life Points (bringing your total up to +3 AC and +30 Life Points). You may expend two uses of your Elementalism skill to deliver a “Smash” attack with your Body Weaponry.
You may also expend a use of your Elementalism to burrow through the ground. You can only burrow through loose dirt, you can not go through rock/stone/minerals/walls. To start burrowing takes a 10 count; this count is interrupted if you perform any action other than burrowing. So if you start to burrow and are hit by a 100 Slay, you may simply take the 100 Slay and continue your count, or if you resist in any way your count is interrupted. While burrowing you must cross your Body Weaponry in front of you at a downward angle and the ONLY thing you may do is move at a slow walk (you may not pick things up, you may not take things with you, you may not establish Circles of Protection). While burrowing you are several feet under the ground and leave a visible trail when moving. To emerge from burrowing takes another 10 second count which follows the same rules as starting your burrow. You do not have any extra sensory powers or ability to communicate while burrowing.
• Changed long weapon recipes in book to read: Long Weapon such as a Long Hammer, a Long Sword or a Staff.
• Reworded Combining Crafting Skills: Two or more crafters may combine the same skill to create something together. They must meet all of the requirements between them for the project and each person working on the project must contribute at least 1PP. The advantage to working together is each PC can apply a PP to the project every 30 seconds. Like combining non crafting skills the number of people able to work on a project may be limited.
• Added the following lists to Dealing Damage with a Weapon, page 56 (currently)
o Blunt Weapons – Clubs, Hammers, Hand to Hand, Maces, Rocks, Staff
o Edged Weapons – Axes, Bows, Crossbows, Dagger, Javelin, Pole arms, Spears, Swords
o Ranged Weapons – Bows, Crossbows, Javelin, Throwing <blank>
• Changed references to spell points and mana points to Mana
• Removed the Artist Weapon One Shot from all elements but Fire
• Changed Og to Augh under Orcs
• Changed the races back to different sizes and added a size table on page 49 – (And the crowd goes wild!! Sorry Gnomes, you still grew to small size in V6….I blame a race wide tinkering ritual gone awry)
• Added a Fame chart back in on page 18
• Clarified racial skills on page 19: Racial skills are always purchased at Major Access and are only available to the race they are listed under (the only exception being Humans through their Versatility skill).
• Added the following to Bard Song to clarify how songs can be learned: Songs can be taught by any Bard that possesses them to any bard of sufficient level.
• Updated what can be purchased with BP in regards to expendables and sticks.
• Added the following under the Skill section under Skill Restoration: There are many ways in the game to restore a use of skill doing so through teas, spells or magical items will grant you a use of that skill again. However if it is the Mana skill or a Production Point skill it will only restore one point of the skill. Example: 1 Mana or 1PP.
• Added examples of conjunctive words to the Augury skill.
• Updated Counter Detect under the Hide skill to read as follows: Counter Detect (Master one-shot, Hide) – You may now use an additional use of your Hide skill to counter someone attempting to Detect you. You may also expend a use of your Hide skill to counter someone attempting to pierce your Disguise.
• Clarified the requirements for becoming familiar with an area under Portal: Becoming familiar with an area takes roughly 10 minutes of time and cannot be done while in combat. If you have not done this, you will not be able to Portal to your chosen destination.
• Dropped Reveal under Search to Master level and removed the Resist Surprise requirement.
• Added a new Grand Master one shot to Search called - See the Unseen (Grand Master one-shot, Requires Reveal) – Your ability to detect things has now progressed beyond the physical world. You may expend a use of your search skill to be able to see spirits for a scene or combat. In addition, you may also expend a use of search to detect disguise. You must be within arm’s reach of a target and call, “Detect Disguise,” and it will reveal if the target is under the effects of a disguise.
• Provided an example under Speak with Mentor explaining how it works: Example; Anya needs to speak with her mentor Vaellar, so she locates a pool of water and activates the spell. The water acts as a conduit and links her telepathically to Vaellar where they can talk for five minutes before the spell ends.
• Reduced the PP cost to learn recipes by half the crafting cost and eliminated the material cost (still requires a gem for learning Gem Crafting recipes).
• Fixed Herb of Protection to grant a Protection Buff Slot and added Herb of Plenty recipe to Herbalism at Tier 2 that still grants a General Buff Slot. You may still only ever have 1 protection slot, but now herbalists can grant them as well.
• Clarified the K.I.T. recipe under Tinkering to signify a permanent change
• Changed several of the effects on other skills for the Gem Dust Recipe. This includes Aqua Mortis, Herbalism, Scroll Making and Trap Making.
• Eliminated the Jewelry Crafter one shot at Master level, updated the wording under the Basic Jeweler one shot. Listed the cost to set expendable gems to 5PP under the Jeweler one shot.
• The Master one shot under Gem Crafting is now Set Mystic Stones and covers setting gems for uses of magic.
• Changed Tier of Gnomish Reconstruction Device to 10
• Changed Tier of Cut Exotic Component to 10
• For Gem Crafting and Smithing restricted how many gems of one kind can be put into a piece of jewelry, weapon or suit of armor
• Increased the cost of making scrolls to 4PP/level and dropped the cost of transcribe to 1PP/level.
• Altered the PP and material cost of Reusable items.
• Changed the wording for adding enchantment slots under spell weaving to clear up confusion as to which slot was being added. Also altered costs for Resist Shatters and Enchantment slots under both Smithing and Spell Weaving to be more consistent. Also eliminated stick costs for all three.
• Put in a tiered cost for Skill Store items
• Changed material usage to reflect that Rare materials are for expendables and Exotic materials are for permanent items.
• Changed expendable recipes to require no materials for recipes Tier 1-9 and one Rare material for Tier 10 recipes, explained in crafting charts.
• Added the following to recipe lists that possess permanent item recipes: Permanent items will have different material requirements based on the recipe;
• Included material costs within all appropriate recipe descriptions. Example: 40PP & the expenditure of one Rare material
• Changed required stick amounts for recipes that craft a permanent item.
• Updated the costs of all recipes.
• Updated the cost to learn recipes to no longer require rare/exotic materials, and to only cost half the PP of making the item.

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Re: Official Changes in v6.20

Post by Gekek »

Edited to include an important change that was left off the list.
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