6.14 Updates
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6.14 Updates

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Rulebook version 6.14 should be posted soon. Here is a list of what changed with this update.

Carps 6.14

Added section 9: Guide to Phantara with some basic world information.

Clarified lore with regards to researching recipes.

Added the ability to assess life point damage on friendly targets for First Aid.

Added the ability to assess armor point damage on friendly targets for smithing.

Clarified that a person may only have one extra buff slot from opening act at a time.

Clarified how the smithing “breakdown” ability works.

Gem Crafting – Flipped the master and Grandmaster abilities (setting gems in jewelry is now the master, cutting round stones is the GM).

Clarified that all gem recipes now need to be inset into jewelry to function and clarified the types of allowable jewelry.

Add rules for blocking melee attacks with a bow in the combat section (Archers please review this change).

Skill teas have now all been clarified that you may only benefit from them once per repop.

Brownie points may now be spent to enhance your familiar.

Grand Master endurance has been changed to a 100pt heal when used instead of a skill renewal.

Pit trap has been reworked and is now a level 9 trap (With appropriate increases in damage to reflect the new level).

Trip trap now replaces pit trap at level 1 (Recipe cards should be available at the next game so trap makers can swap them out).

The “Trip” call has been added to the game, when affected by Trip you must go down to one knee for 3 seconds.

Detect Traps & Search have been better clarified regarding how they work in conjunction with each other.

The “Physical” designator has been added to the tinkering Slicky Slick and GPI

Remove wound has been clarified that it affects numerical damage.

Lore has been modified so that you may only have a single lore buff for a skill at a time, so you can Lore up multiple different skills at a time with your buff slots, but you may not buff the same skill multiple times through lore or spells that duplicate lore.

Minor verbiage adjustments in various spots for clarity with world stuff (PEW vs EWR, Bards not being mages, etc)

Like always let us know if you have any questions about this or anything else.

-GM Evan
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Re: 6.14 Updates

Post by NPC Mikkee »

Rulebooks 6.14 are available for download

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