Conversion to V6 (Spells & Recipes)
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Conversion to V6 (Spells & Recipes)

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Anyone who has spells or recipes will be allowed to convert them at the following ratio.

Spells convert 1 level to 1 level.
Alchemy Recipes convert 3 levels to 1 level.

When converting you will be allowed a total number of levels to use for recipes/spells, you must have more recipes of the previous level (when possible) before you buy more recipes/spells of a higher level. So if you have 100 levels to convert you cannot just take 10 level 10 recipes/spells, you would need to have 2 level 1 formulas before you can buy a level 2 formula, and you would need 2 level 2 formula (and in turn 3 level 1 formula) before buying a level 3.

If you are switching over to a skill that requires recipes/spells and you were not previously someone who needed such items we will provide you some recipes/spells at conversion.

Let me know if you have questions,
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