Conversion to V6 (Items)
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Conversion to V6 (Items)

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Here is what we are currently looking at for converting items from the current rule set to the new V6 rules set. We appreciate any constructive feedback that folks may have and encourage you to post said feedback or questions in the appropriate forums. Flaming and general "I hate this" please send directly to me via PM. :)

1) A player may submit up to 15 conversions per character, and all characters must have been played at least 1-time prior to conversion.

A single conversion may be any of the following:

a) A single magical item with uses per repop or permanent effect(s)
b) A single Rechargable magic item that they wish to have upgraded to a 1/repop item. (Rechargable items are no longer available)
c) A bar's worth of monetary goods (coin, Gems, Trade items, non-crafting labs, Red/Blue/Green/Yellow production sticks may be converted at a rate of 1 verlan per stick. Orange and purple sticks may be traded in for one of the other 4 colors)
d) Up to 5 single use items (Quest Material Potions, magical 1-shots, talismans, etc etc)
e) A crafting lab (Alchemy, Aqua, Smithing, Spell Weaving). They may request that the type of lab be changed to any of the v6 crafting skill labs.
f) A non-crafting lab may be submitted for conversion into a crafting lab (Only crafting skills use PP in the new system, so non-crafting skills no longer have labs)
g) Up to 20 dots of influence.
h) One Bar worth of crafted items as figured at a rate of 5pemb per PP spent in the crafting. These items must not contain any quest/special materials and be on the available recipe list. Items from plots that do not replicate crafted items should be converted under option D.

2) All money, magic items and valuables in excess of the allowed conversions must be returned to staff.

3) All tagged items must be submitted for conversion. These Items will be assigned a value and can then be converted under option C (Ex: +2 longsword, +1 suit of heavy armor, Master quality enchantable ring).

All gems will be converted over to the new gem system (Old gem phys reps will have zero value after conversion). All items will be retagged on new Carps V6 item Tags. All potions and scrolls will be reviewed and either converted to an appropriate V6 potion or scroll or returned as is on new carps v6 potion/scroll conversion tags.

4) You may not claim a conversion that you do not have. i.e. If you only have 5 magic item tags and 3 wald in coin you may claim 6 conversions for those (5 for the tags, and 1 for the coin) you do not simply get 9 items/bar worth of stuff.

5) All valuables lost during the conversion may be donated to an in-game organization or NPC to further story/plot progression with regards to that organization/person. We do not guarantee any particular results or outcome from such donations but feel this will help provide the player base with a more RP oriented solution and sense of satisfaction.

Thank you for your understanding.

-GM Evan
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