Sir Fredrick awakes
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Author:  Sir Fredrick [ Mon Sep 12, 2005 11:04 am ]
Post subject:  Sir Fredrick awakes

*Sir Fredrick, at last whole and returned to health, addresses those within the Inn*

“You, the adventurers of this foundling town, hold my eternal gratitude, for you have saved me from a fate worse than death. You also have the gratitude of the Knighthood, for by your efforts were the swords of the fallen returned to their proper place.”

“Alas, the Outpost within Tarragon Keep is home to no Knight now, and so with a heavy heart must I announce its closing. Its men-at-arms will return to Castle Knight in Silverthorne City, while its staff shall be turned over to the service of Baron Von Droven. The Knighthood has lost its presence in this region – a sad day, indeed.”

“However, it simply will not do for a man of Baron Von Droven’s stature to be without Knightly service, so a Knight Protector shall be assigned a cerimonial position within his Keep. I understand Sir Alfred, having the distinction of keeping his Lord Byron Hendricks safe and secure for a total of 36 years - until old age granted his Lord final rest, has been given this honor. He is known for unparalleled wisdom in the arts martial, and will undoubtedly serve Baron and Keep with distinction.”

“I, of course, must now return to my duty as Protector of Baron Dreadnaught in Ironguard. Know you shall always have a friend and ally in that city. I bid you farewell, for now. Stay safe, stay vigilant!”

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