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 Post subject: Tomes of ToeVass July 1005, Legacy
PostPosted: Wed Jul 27, 2005 5:51 pm 
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The month was bitter with the sun's heat blazing down upon the heads of the brave adventures of Legacy. While the rivers and streams were still plentiful, the heat of the desert could be felt by all.

Deep into the night on Friday, the troubles started to arrive. The first thing that this writer saw was a message about a caravan of stolen goods. Rumor placed the group of thieves in this area. But if that were all it would have been any other day in the town of Legacy, but that wasn't all and it got worse. The thieves were the worst sort filled with murders and assassins, and even worse than that, it held that they were working for the vile red tear! What could it be that the red tear would want so bad that they would risk not only stealing it, but transporting it through Silverthorne's lands? That was a mystery left unanswered, but what was known is that a caravan with important people aboard had been ransacked and they along with their goods were missing! As the moon arose upon the heads of the heroes the good cavalier Kathryn followed the outlaws' trail deep into the ever darkening woods. Finally, after hours of marching we came upon a cave, and our diviners were called forth. Soon they were as certain as sooth that inside the cave dwelt the host of thieves, and the stolen treasure.

It was a bitter and long battle, the cave was filled with assassins that sprang out of the walls and attacked from behind. Many of the adventures fell that night and we were eventually forced to retreat from the cave. When the outlaws saw us making our retreat they attacked in force, and would have doomed most of the party had not the good Guthrie, Ferran Well, come to the rescue. As a assassin leaped for the unconscious body of one of our men, Ferran swung his blade, striking a wedge he had placed in the caves front protections, and the outlaws own portcullis came crashing down, giving the heroes the added time they needed to regroup and make an organized retreat. Road weary and drained to the point of exhaustion they made their way back to Legacy, to fight another day.

As they crested the finally hill and came within the light of the Legacy gathering hall, a strange little creature came running to us seeking out the local ToeVass representative. I stepped forward to heed his cry and was met by a terrible story. It seemed that during the previous moon, while I was away in meetings with members of the house, a high ranking member of ToeVass had come to town seeking aid. He had found some cave, and discovered that there were some strange writings on the walls. A group of people went with him in exchange for the knowledge. I have heard that they fought, but I cannot be sure. In the end they were able to clear the cave, and in the process they made a discovery, which was to cost the lives of innocent children.

Deep in the cave, they found a box. The box radiated magic for all who could see such things. Wrapped around this box were ancient and powerful magical chains and these chains radiated something else, something that tricked the heroes. These radiated necromancy. The heroes believe that some good creature must have been trapped by the necromancer, and in the process of this belief, they broke the chains and freed a dark and purely evil creature. This is a creature that steals children! He sucks their essence into the 'dream' but their bodies, which are left behind, slowly wither and die.

The high ranking member of ToeVass learned of this darkness and he went forth to free the children alone. But he was no match for the dream, and soon he was trapped in the other world. And that is where we were when the little creature ran up to me begging for the brave heroes to save his master.

So we gathered all the remaining strength that the town could spare and we charged physically into the dream realm, as close to the evil creatures home as possible. We were able to make it past the vile things that wander the darkness of the 'dream', and even able to make it into the second level of the creatures home. While there we fought two monsters the likes of which make my skin crawl. The first was a mirror of the Ghost Lord Dimack, as evil as ever a creature was. The second was a twisted version of the legendary hero Klogg. Each of these were beaten in turn, and we were able to free the member of ToeVass, who had been twisted to look like the necromancer Regal. After that we fled from the evil beings home, and returned to Legacy, where most of us fell into a deep and troubled sleep.

The next morning the ToeVass member awoke and told us his tale and we knew we were not done with the nasty creature. It seemed that the monster took the children as I mentioned, and the only way to beat him was to summon him to our world and kill him there. So a long lost ritual was found and preformed, one that I have been assured by all is in no way evil, or necromantic, despite the questions of its origins. A long and hard battle followed, and in the end, the creature was killed, and the still living children were set free. As we began to be happy and celebrate we learned that not all of the children lived, and I learned something, it is rare indeed that there is a true happy ending.

Later that night, we decided it was time to take out the outlaws whom had defeated us the night before. With a larger and more powerful force we stormed their hideout, and fought. Things were going well, and we appeared to be winning. Then suddenly the Captain of the Town Guard, Torvach, who was helping root out the thieves, fell into a pit trap, and we lost him. The diviners were able to determine that is we pressed onward, we would be able to find him, but only if we hurried.
With that knowledge in mind we doubled our efforts and cleared out the majority of the first floor. And that is when I was backed into a corner with a merc facing me down, he pushed me back, as I blocked his sword on my own, but as I stepped back again I heard a faint clicking noise, and soon I too was falling.

I awoke some time later in a deep and dark cell, where the signs of the most evil of magic's were all about. Soon I was noticed and the necromancer cast his draining spells upon me. Weakened, I knew I could not hold out long against this one, but the bars were nearly an inch think, and despite my sword, I am no warrior!

After awhile I discovered that Torvach was being held there as well. We tried to escape, when the guard left us alone, but neither of us could get out. Then the necromancer returned and cast a spell at Torvach. Suddenly he was quiet, and I feared that despite the best of the efforts of our friends, we were going to die in those cages. As the mage approached me, I drew my blade and prepared to die with it in my hand. I thrust it through the bars at him, but he was too far back for me to hit him. Then he completed his spell and I realized what had happened to Torvach. The spell that the mage cast was not a death spell, but a charming spell, something akin to the necromancy he was already using. I was able to shrug off the spell as it hit me, but unfortunately Torvach wasn't. I heard him order Torvach to kill his friends, and then I was alone. I spent some time trying to get out of the cage, and it was burning at this point. Just as the smoke was getting to me, and again I believed that death would take me, the mage of mages, the elf with the most dwarf in him I have ever met, Rooks, appeared out of the smoke. He pointed at me, and the next thing I knew I was standing next to him. Free at last I picked up my sword and together we charged into the fray of thieves and necromancers. The battle lasted for quite some time after that, but once Kathryn took the head of the necromancer, I knew it was over. We found what remained of the stolen goods, and made our way back to Legacy. It was a good night to be a good guy, and we drank and rejoiced.

Until next time:

P.S. if anyone caught the name of the evil creature, could you pass that along for my report? Thanks.

Gentleman Daniel J. Lockheart, Lord of Morborough
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"His only regret is not knowing what regret feels like." The Inquisition vol 137 pg 1 story about Daniel's latest adventures.

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